Government Shutdown Information

Government Shutdown Information

Update (1/28/2019): The government has re-opened at least temporarily. However, until a more permanent resolution is reached, and government employees are able to catch up on their back-log of operations, the following information is still applicable.

We’ve received a lot of questions about the government shutdown– How does it affect my renewal? Are FSDOs open? Is your ACR service still able to renew certificates on time?

We’ve gathered the answers for you!

  1. How does the government shutdown affect my renewal?
    • Our FIRC and ACR Service are unaffected. You may graduate our FIRC like normal, and use our ACR Service to process your renewal like normal. We are experiencing no delays or problems with on-time renewals! Although the IACRA website/system we use to process renewals is owned by the FAA, it is continuing to run without any delays or problems.
  2. Are FSDOs open? Can I renew my CFI at a FSDO?
    • Not likely! Currently most FSDOs are under limited operations, so if you choose to renew in person at a FSDO, they most likely will NOT be able to schedule an appointment with you to process your CFI renewal until the government shutdown is resolved.
  3. Can I still renew on-time with your ACR Service?
    • Yes! Our ACR Service and the IACRA system are both running smoothly without problems or delay, so you may renew your CFI with our ACR Service, no problem!
  4. What if my Temporary Airman Certificate you issued is about to expire [they’re valid for 120 days after issue]?
    • The FAA released a statement and instructions – click below:

I hope that has answered your questions, but please contact us at if you have others! We’re excited to continue providing you an excellent platform for CFI renewal.



President, AceCFI