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Course Content


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At AceCFI, we’ve built the best course available that’s fun, interesting, convenient and makes you a better instructor! Did you read our customer reviews?



Lesson 1: Customer Service

Lesson 2: The Flight Instructor as a Professional

Lesson 3: Culture of Safety in GA

Lesson 4: Safety Trends in General Aviation

Lesson 5: Loss of Control

Lesson 6: Navigating in the 21st Century

Lesson 7: Pilot Deviations

Lesson 8: Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)

Lesson 9: The FAASTeam and Wings Pilot Proficiency Program

Lesson 10: Aviation Training Devices (ATDs)

Lesson 11: Security Related Special Use Airspace

Lesson 12: Regulatory Changes and Updates

Lesson 13: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Training

Lesson 14: Airman Certification Standards (ACS)

Lesson 15: Your Role in Aviation Quality Control

Lesson 16: IACRA

The Ace Advantage:

Other FIRCs might focus on regurgitating basic pilot knowledge, or studying vague academic concepts that don’t help you much in the real world.

Not us!

We bring you fresh, relevant, real-world information that will keep you sharp as an instructor.

Our FIRC presents information in a way similar to an article in an aviation magazine (as opposed to the typical list of bulleted facts that become dull after a few pages).

For example, we incorporate aviation accident cases from the NTSB database as well as the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) into our course. We dissect and evaluate what caused the accidents, how they could have been prevented, and incorporate as many learning points into the discussion as we can. This approach is not only better at teaching (because the information is presented in a context that makes sense); it’s also a lot more interesting.

That’s just a small snapshot of the types of interesting, useful, and beneficial information you can expect to see in our FAA-Approved online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC).