Here’s what our customers have been saying about our FIRC:

“Thank you for the seamless experience!” -Chris D.

“This was the best CFI renewal yet, it was fast easy and informative and they do their work diligently.” -Yitshak M.

“Thanks for everything. Your  course was by far the best I have ever taken, online or seminar. The information was well presented concise and timely. Your instructions for processing were very thorough. I am an active flight instructor and have used IACRA as recommending instructor for a number of students so I was somewhat familiar. However this is the first time I have used it for myself. Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to logging on in two years to see what has changed.” -Graham P.

“Thank you for your support! That is why I went with ACECFI.” -Rick M.

“I’m already recommending you to my friends!” -Andrew A.

Thanks for the help and the great course.” -Steve C.

“Thank you for the great course!” -Larry W.

“Thank you for your promptness and excellent customer service. I am going to recommend your services to every pilot and Flight Instructor with whom I come in contact.” -Elizabeth B.

“Thanks for making this so easy. Good instructions all the way around.” -Jim D.

“Thanks so much for a great course. I really enjoyed it!” -Jeff S.

Thanks for a great FIRC and great customer service.” -Mark L.

“I appreciate that the process was easier than others I have done in the past and you provided excellent step by step instructions. Very glad to have selected your company for my FIRC.” -Darren T.

“Excellent Product! Really nice package!” -Bob M.

“Thanks for your help!! I will certainly recommend your CFIRC to my instructor friends and fellow pilots.” -Tevis P.

Thanks again for the amazing work of pushing my application through so quickly. Awesome service is all I can say. Thank you.” -Micah D.

“Thank you very much, the FIRC was set up well and very easy to use. Will definitely recommend to fellow CFI’s.” -Kyle W.

“Thank you for an enjoyable program. It is what a FIRC ought to be!” -Chris C.

“Thanks for a good refresher process and the paperless path to a certificate. “ -Bill W.

“Thanks again.. You have a good program. I enjoyed it more than any I’ve attended in the past……even the free ones.” -Mark B.

“Thank you for the speedy work.  I really appreciate the service and I enjoyed the program as well!” -Steve F.

“This was a good course! See you again in 2 years. Thanks!” -Jim S.

“Good program, good experience. “ -Robert W.

“Thank you for the great program.” -Conrad M.

“Thank you for a very easy to use renewal process!” -Rick D.

“The recurrent training was excellent and provided substantial refresher training. The changes to the FARs were well received. I really liked the minimum of B.S. in the training materials. Short, sweet and to the point. Accurate, Brief and Applicable. Keep up the good work.” -Charles B.

“Great Course, usable and current.” -Larry M.

“Thanks for being a stand up company that backs your product.” -Scott B.

“Thank you for a well put together course.” -Steve S.

“The course, in my opinion, was outstanding and kudos to your entire team for your efforts.  I think I learned more in that course than I expected.” -Robert M.

“Thanks for the great firc.” -Nels P

“Thank you very much for your prompt help with my renewal!” -Nicholas R.

“Thank you very much for your great program AceCFI!” -Seiji T.

“Thank you for making this process as smooth as possible.” -Mindy B.

“Thank you for a well thought out FIRC.” -Steve M.

“Thanks, I received many FIRC offers. I am happy that I chose your program. Everything was clearly explained and the process  was trouble free.” -George R.

“Just completed your FIRC program and received my temp certificate. I have read the reviews on your website and agree with all of them. I have had an instructor certificate for 46 years. This was the best refresher I have ever experienced.” -George S.

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your course.  I will admit that I was just a little leery of signing up as you were the new boy on the block and I thought I might run into a glitch here or there due to possible bugs in your system.  However, everything went smoothly and I am glad I decided to give your course a try.  Also, being able to take subsequent FIRC courses at no charge and  just pay for the ACR processing in the future was a big incentive.  I have been taking FIRC courses online for many years and  I would highly recomend your course to anyone.” -Terry S.

“This was the first time that I had used your product and found the computer program very user friendly and the chapter topics were all interesting and relevant.  That’s difficult to do considering some of the subject material.  And, obviously, your customer service is outstanding.  I will definitely recommend your service to others.” -Brent T.

“Thank you very much!! I will and have already recommended your program to my fellow aviators!! Your program is incredible!!” -Roger T.

“I thought the course was very good, and had more depth than online courses that I have taken. Plus a great value.” -Greg C.

“I just completed your FIRC training and it was as good or better than you promised! In the past I attend a weekend seminar to renew my CFI and according to my wife returned home grumbling that it was a waste of time and that I’d learned nothing. It was due to her push that I signed up for your program after she saw your post card in the mail. She was right – I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving your course a try. With each lesson, I learn new information – a welcome change from the seminar experience of the past. The format is great, providing not just the information but also its source and applicability to being a CFI. I will be recommending your course to all of my CFI friends.” -Marty P.

“Thank you for the service you have and will provide in the future. The FIRC process you have was enjoyable. I will be recommending your service to other instructors.” -Simeon G.

“The content was great. The renewal process was fast, and you can’t beat the lifetime deal.” -Porter I.

“Thank you for a great product. The price point and ease of receiving the temporary is fantastic. I enjoyed your choice of lessons. As a working commercial helicopter pilot, I admit that I don’t spend as much time on new regulations and FAA safety programs as I should. Thank you for the reminder. I will recommend you to my peers as being an excellent resource for CFI renewal.” -Mike M.

“I’ve just completed your online Flight Instructor Refresher Course, and I’m certainly glad I tried you – it was more interesting than my last 6 CFI renewals done with another online FIRC provider.” -Andrew W.

“Thank you for your swift service. I appreciated your professionalism and your product that I used to effectively get done what I needed to get done.” -Dave W.

“Thank you! You have an awesome program.” -Brenden R.

“I really enjoyed the course and already recommended it to another instructor who took it as well. I will continue to recommend it to other CFIs in the future.” -Devan W.

“Thanks for the very good service and the interesting course!” -Marc E

“I would like to thank you for the services you provided with your program. I really enjoyed doing it as well as learning a lot of valuable information.” -Joseph M.

“Thank you. I have been a CFI for over 25 years and have done about every online recurrent program out there. Your customer service and ACR process is very good!! Keep up the good work.” -Randy H.

“I love your product and will be telling my colleagues, employees, and friends to use it.” -John W